Mice Control Hacks that are Practical and Effective

Millions of homes across the United States are constantly invaded by mice. It does not matter if a person lives in a nice mansion or in a rundown shack, mice are a reality for nearly 4 in ten homes within America. That simply means that 110 million Americans have mice in their homes. Here are some proven solutions that will help to control these bothersome rodents.

Cats are the number one way to get rid of mice. While cats are not 100% effective they are extremely effective. The reason being is that cats have a natural mouse hunting (or just hunting instinct) built into their body. These feline creatures can effectively hunt mice and keep them out of your home. Having at least 2 or more cats can produce a profound effect on mice. Most mice will usually venture into home where no cats are present. Having a cat helps to keep this problem under control.

You can also use mouse traps to get rid of rodents. Mouse traps are simple mechanical devices that snap on a rodent’s head, tail or body. Once a mouse has been caught in a trap it will be hard for them to escape. Another effective way to get rid of mice is to use peppermint oil. This substance is extremely potent to mice because of the menthol contained within the oil. Kitty litter also works as well. Mice who smell the urine in the kitty litter will usually freak out and leave a residence. These proven ways will help a person to get rid of mice at all cost.

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