Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are can easily ruin a blissful evening. In addition to being an annoyance, they spread diseases such as malaria and West Nile, making mosquito control crucial. Take the necessary precautions to control mosquito breeding, because simply killing the insects as you find them is not a long-term treatment solution.

5 Ways to Remove or Control Mosquitos in Your Home

Drain Standing Water – Standing water around your home creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquito treatment should always start with clearing stagnant water and discarding any scattered containers outdoors on your property that might hold rainwater.

Treat Stagnant Water Bodies – At times, your home can be near stagnant bodies of water such as swamps, drainage ponds, and runoff drains. Since it is not possible to completely clear some of these natural water bodies, treatment is the only solution. Consider a 30-day water treatment plan to remove mosquitoes from your property.

Clear Bushes Around Your Premises – Tall grasses, plants, and shrubs are good places for mosquitoes to rest and breed. Keep grass in your yard no longer than 5 inches to keep the insects away. Clear or treat shrubs with mosquito repellent sprays.

Use Mosquito-Repelling Plants – Some plants provide a natural way to effectively control and treat mosquitoes. Lemon balm, citronella grass, and basil herb are known natural plants that keep mosquitoes at bay.

Fog Your Yard – Although fogging is not environmentally friendly, it becomes necessary if your yard attracts or harbors mosquitoes. Spray parts of your yard such as shaded areas, shrubs, and long grass with pyrethroid or cyfluthrin chemicals to remove mosquitoes from your property. A reputable pest control company can advise you on the best fogging chemicals to use.

Most mosquito control measures are used outdoors. You can use mosquito repellent gels to protect yourself and spray insecticides to kill the mosquitoes present in your house.

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