My Day In Temecula, California

My time in Temecula, California started with a morning at the busy Patricia H. Birdsall park. The stunning park is equipped with 4 symmetrical baseball fields, 4 huge synthetic turf soccer fields, and 4 basketball courts, and all the areas are lighted. There were games actively being played when my family and I arrived which caused the park to be extremely busy, which gave it the feel of a real sports stadium. There are plenty of areas for non-sports viewers such as barbecues, picnic areas, concessions, and a safe kid’s tot lot. The park is extremely modern and gives sports fans a good vibe from all the up-kept maintenance. 

After my time at the sports park, I returned to my hotel, Pechanga Resort and Casino. The luxurious casino has beautiful pool areas filled with relaxing beach chairs, it is truly a sight to behold at night combined with the skyscraper building and bright lights. The Junior Suite I stayed in was absolutely wonderful, it felt like a cozy home upon entering the room and even had a marvelous view out of the full-body windows. The colors in the rooms are a very soothing dark blue and brown oak that give you a feeling of being at home. I didn’t spend much time at the casinos but I did visit the floor, it engulfed me with bright flashing lights and loud bubbling noises. Thousands of slot machines as far as the eye could see as well as several game tables awaited those who entered. For a top notch exterminator in Temecula Ca, click the link.



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